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Aircraft Weight and Balance Services

Aircraft Weight and Balance Services

Planeweighs was founded in 1977 to provide CAA approved Aircraft weight and balance services to the aircraft industry. Today with offices in the UK and France, and specialist weight and balance engineers strategically positioned across the UK, Ireland and Europe, it is the longest established and leading aircraft weighing company in the UK having weighed over 20,000 aircraft to date.

Planeweighs is known by the company it keeps, our regular customers include 95% of the UK’s Airlines and MROs.

Our comprehensive range of equipment enables us to weigh all types of aircraft from micro-lights and UAVs to the Boeing B747 and A380.

Although we favour the use of roll-on platforms for weighing large aircraft, we also provide the option of load cells should this be required or preferred.

Distance is no object as our weighing operations cover the entire UK, Ireland, Italy and the whole of Europe. We also have the ability to weigh anywhere in the World if required.

As well as aircraft, we are regularly called upon to weigh many other vehicles and items such as industrial shipping containers, cars, vans, lorries, horse trailers, camper vans, mobile cranes and boats etc.